Nature: Feel It!

I have put off writing my first blog here for a while, waiting for the right time. Not to be confused with consistency, inspiration goes a long way with me.  Timing. Listening to, and feeling, rhythms and cycles. Heeding the call of my inner aborigine!

Well, today I woke up, looked at the water and knew I was going paddling. There was no rationalizing or trying to get motivated. It was ‘game on/let’s go!’ (so to speak).  Of course, when this happens I know a special experience awaits. A giddy excitement washes over me. A sense of spirit and fate. And yes, it was an amazing day on the water!  The connection to Spirit and Earth was deeply felt and consciously moving.

Although I have paddled this lake close to a thousand times, today it almost felt like the first time. It was joyous and exhilarating. A hot summer sun warmed the air with sparkling reflections glimmering across the surface of the water,  blending shades of green, dark and light. Warmth and magic.

An exploration of some new territory along the lake left me feeling a breakthrough in awareness and perception in a visceral way that I cannot explain with words, sorry!  An old friend/a new discovery. This feeling was heightened while standing next to a waterfall cascading down the granite cliffs. A feeling of intrinsic connectedness to the natural world, to the beauty all around, and within me.

The restlessness of the past months began to fall away  allowing that deep connection with nature to envelop me.

With these feelings washing over me came a reminder of  first moving away from a big city to this more rural area full of natural beauty. I have always been drawn to nature but I often resist change. So when my life took a different direction, ‘forcing’ me to move to a small town, I was sure it wasn’t in my best interest. Looking back now at this makes me laugh, as the very thing resisted was the very thing my soul desired most deeply .

Of course, since happiness is ultimately an inside job one can be happy in the city or unhappy in nature. If you cannot find happiness within yourself (as the adage goes) then you cannot find it anywhere. However, I have found being happy within while being immersed in nature to be among the most satisfying experiences I have ever known.

The natural world contains a subtle calling and when you get very still you can feel it’s incredibly grounding and peaceful connection within you. Taking the time to not just SEE the beauty around us (the mind) but to FEEL it (the body) allows us to experience all of the elements of life working in harmony with each other on a deeper, more profound level. Balance is achieved naturally as opposed to things developed solely by the often detached, linear thinking of the human mind. Nature can show us a lot when we open our eyes AND our hearts, and fully embrace her beauty!

A simple meditation/reminder:  This can be done anywhere but is especially effective in a natural setting or environment. If you find yourself rushing ahead and only seeing or thinking, i.e. you are “in your head,” stop what you are doing – walking, thinking, talking – and feel your body. Feel your feet on the earth. Feel the air rushing through your nose and into your lungs. Feel your body. Let your mind go and let awareness of these things flow down into your body. In that moment you are connected! Take it in and then release attachment to it. Just feel and experience it. Repeat often.