Synchronicity and Choice (and Squirrels)

100_5561 - Version 2In my previous post I talked about some early synchronicities that I have experienced.  I suspect they came about from a deep desire to experience them even if they weren’t fully believed in initially, “Is this real or just coincidence?”  In modern terms we aren’t exactly taught to believe in such things. Yes, we get the fairy tales and fables in grade school but it’s not long till the more ‘pragmatic’ studies squeeze out any sense of wonder, mystery or magic.

So, after a barrage of ‘coincidences’ in my life, a feeling of “this really is real” began to establish itself. And the more I believed the more I experienced. And more experiences brought more belief. A delicious cycle of intention!

One such experience happened shortly after I’d moved to a small town in the Pacific North West. I have always been drawn to animals and nature but living in a big city kept the full experience of this at a distance.  My intention was to volunteer at a couple wildlife rehabilitation centers in order to help out the animals and the fine folks who care for these amazing creatures and to experience the animals closer than usually possible in the wild.

After looking into two rehabilitation centers, and signing up for training, something interesting and a bit unsettling began to happen. Injured animals started showing up in my life. Birds started flying into the the windows at the house, sometimes just being stunned other times dying. I started seeing deer with broken legs and other sights that were very disturbing for me. I seemed to be manifesting an experience of a reality that I had not anticipated and had perhaps, somewhat naively, signed up for. I wasn’t prepared for the level and concentration of suffering, injury, and death, and yet there was much life and beauty as well.

One incident of synchronicity that came up early on was a mixture of sadness, surrealism and in-credulousness.

I was driving down to the ‘big city’ to watch a movie about the poet/writer/singer Leonard Cohen. I didn’t know too much about him other than a couple songs of his that I liked and I had recently began dabbling in poetry and wanted to experience more of it. Initially hesitant to make the trip I sat and meditated on it for a bit as an eagle kept flying back and forth outside the house. I decided that was a sign for me to go.

As I was getting close to the ‘Megatropolis’, the dreaded traffic jam appeared. A complete standstill. ‘Coincidentally’ it was right at the exit of a friends house and, having some time to spare (but not wanting to sit in traffic), I pulled off the freeway. As I pulled into the gravel driveway a frantic friend greeted me in distress. A squirrel had come to her doorstep and was not doing well. It was basically unresponsive and the prognosis didn’t look good. She got a blanket and we moved the squirrel under a tree while she called the animal control people.

I sat with the little fellow for a bit looking for signs of recovery. I poked him lightly. No response, just the occasional painful sounding groan. I then decided to pray/meditate over him. As I closed my eyes and placed my hands above him a bright white light appeared in my mind. OK, I thought, standard white light experience that I’ve had countless times before. I thought I was channeling the light energy to him. Turns out I was picking up on HIS energy/experience as he was passing over into the light but I was not aware of this, yet.

My friend came back out and we sat for a bit trying to figure out if there was anything more we could do. Out of the ‘dregs of hell’ an idea came to me. Well, perhaps it was more of a “I’ve run out of ideas” response.  I said out loud, “Maybe we should get a big stick and put him out of his misery … ”  To everyone’s startled surprise, including the squirrels apparently, he jumped up with his eyes wide open and looked at me as if to say,  “NO!” “Why would you do that to me!?”  “Please don’t do that!”  As he sat staring into my eyes I immediately responded with, “Don’t worry, I won’t do that to you” to which he responded by going back into a seemingly comatose state and as far I know never waking up again.  I almost didn’t believe what I had just seen.  No … I definitely didn’t believe what I had just seen!  I turned to my friend and asked if she’d seen what I’d seen, and she said, “YES!”  A short time later animal control came by and took his physical body away.  And so began my more conscious journey into more life and death, and life again, animal experiences.


I had completely forgotten that when my Dad was a boy he had nursed a squirrel back to health that had been shot through the cheek. After he released the squirrel back outside it would run up to greet him whenever he went outside. My Aunt reminded me of this when she read my story.




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