Since it’s Fathers Day and since I just had a mini out of body/dream experience and have been wanting to write about this particular experience for a while, and well, since a lot of things have happened in this area recently, here it is.


My Dad died in 1972 while flying in the Vietnam war. A war that conflicted with his sense of duty and his humanitarian nature (e.g., at age sixteen he risked his life to save six horses from a burning barn, getting the last horse out just as the whole structure collapsed.)  I spent 25 long years without any spirit contact from him. In the mid 90’s he decided to start ‘flying by’ for an occasional hello.

Right before my OOBE in 1997 (see previous blog: An Out of Body Experience) I started getting a lot of Synchronistic experiences. I mean a LOT.  Like several times a day for two months straight for starters.  Here is one small example ~ I met someone who lived two blocks from my ex- girlfriend, drove the same make of car,  had a mutual friend in the same neighborhood and yet had never met nor even knew of each other.  I found this odd and fascinating and exciting and a bit perplexing but it was just a primer for the things I was about to expereince.

Now, my first ‘Synchro’ experience that I can remember was somewhere around 8 years of age. It was summer vacation on my grandparents farm in Iowa and having a propensity for solitude and curiosity I spent a lot of time on my own exploring in nature.  On this particular day I had ridden my bicycle out to the rivers edge at the far end of the corn fields and was feeling pretty lost and lonely.
As I sat dejectedly in the tall grass I remember looking up at the sky and asking “Father, why have you forsaken me?” Yep, those were my exact words (thank you Sunday school). After not receiving a response I turned back to look at the river just as a big, silver, sun fish was jumping out of the water. The light of the sun reflected off the fishes scales and directly into my eyes, blinding me for a split second.  Abrubt silence.  Was this a sign from God?  If it was how come I didn’t feel any better or any more connected?  I wanted to believe it was  a direct sign but maybe it was just a coincidence? Thus began, of sorts, my life journey of seeking to connect with Spirit or, as later learned, removing my blocks to the connection.

100_9013Swooshing up to 1998/9.  A year or so after a concentrated Shynchronicity period and a ‘dreams of flying’ prelude to an Out of Body Experience, (see my last blog)  I am sitting on a mountain top I hiked frequently looking down at the air base that my Dad used to fly out of.  Quite unexpectedly, I started to feel his presence. I could ‘see’ him driving the old MG sports car with the top down, wind in his face and ‘flying free’, that he so loved. With his unflagging presence engaging me I put on my head phones and flipped through some radio stations looking for a good song to enhance the moment. ‘Daniel’ by Elton John came up. Now, this is the song that came out right around the time my dad passed over. The words plunge deep … “Daniel is flying tonight on a plane … I can see the red tail lights heading for Spain … Oh and, I can see Daniel waving goodbye … God, it looks like Daniel … must be the clouds in my eyes.” This song resonated so deeply with me back then, and even today.  As a kid I would replace the word ‘Daniel’ with ‘Daddy’ and sing along missing him so much as my tears poured out.

Well, with the eery real presence of my Dad’s spirit all around me and ‘our’ song on the radio I was feeling pretty tuned in!  But when a helicopter rose up from below the small mountain peak I was perched on and slowly hovered over to, and above, me …  I was incredulous! Then, a little window flap flops open and the pilot sticks his hand out and waves to me … OK, incredulous just went to flabbergasted! Times ten!

I somehow managed to return a feeble wave back in a sort of stunned state of WOW! with eyes as big as two harvest moons. The helicopter then flew off into the sunset (literally) and all I could say was, “Thanks for saying hello Dad, I love you!”  I was also a little sad that he never really stuck around for long, either while he was in his body or after he left it, but I had come to realize that’s who he was and that’s what I needed in this life. I needed to learn to find my own way. My mom told me once that when I was born they named me Brian because it meant ‘strong’ in Irish/Celtic. Boy, they sure had some kind of insight going on with that one.

As wild as this experience was it got even wilder ten years later.  Well, by this time it was a somewhat unsurprising event, but it was still pretty wild.

100_8007I’m sitting on a floating dock that you swim out to on a lake in Montana.  A friend, and a friend of a friend, are with me. My friend asks me to tell her friend about my Dad and the helicopter experience. I gave her the run down and she thinks it’s pretty cool.  And then … a helicopter comes sailing by!  Once was pretty convincing but twice, and while telling about the first account, well that’s times twenty … and then some.  And not just any helicopter either, but an old Vietnam era helicopter and it’s painted white (much symbolism there ) AND there is a guy standing at the open side door in an orange flight suit and white helmet. The same as in a picture I had of my dad holding me as a kid.

She said that in her 10 years living there she’d never seen a helicopter fly over the lake like that.  I just smiled and said, that’s my Dad for you. He likes to make dramatic flybys!  He did it as a young pilot and he’s still up to it in spirit as well!

As I sit here out on the deck writing this, looking over a different lake, I half expect a helicopter to fly over (actually, one did earlier!) but there is a jay perched on a limb above me tweeting the sweetest song. That’s enough for me to believe in.  Or, to put it another way, the 8 year old kid in me doesn’t have any doubts anymore!


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